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43 :
Window Annunciator Panel WAP  
1 Freely parameterisable alarm windows No mechanical work necessary The size of each window can be enlarged by a factor of 2 or more individually. The essential advantage of our backlit design is…  
Networkable Fault Annunciators USM  
1 IEC 61850 Communication via IEC 61850 by software license key By means of a software license key communication over IEC 61850 can be activated for each USM. With the USM acting as "rag-man"…  
Basic Fault Annunciator BSM-P  
1 1. NEW - RGB-LEDs 6 bright colour with very large reading angle Very bright RGB-LEDs provide the easy parameterisation of the colour in operation (green, red, yellow, amber, blue and…  
Drop-Flap Annunciator FSM  
1 Drop-Flaps Alarm display with drop-flaps By means of bistabil mechanical indication elements the last state of alarms are displayed permanently even in the event of power-fail. 1 Cascading…  
Standard Fault Annunciator SSM  
1 Parameterisable Simple parameterisation via DIP switches Annunciators of the series SSM-A can be parameterised by means of DIP-switches. Thus the alarm processing can fast and easily be adapted…  
Indication Modules LAB  
1 Changable LEDS Standard colours green and red are exchangeable with other coloured LEDs The indication devices are equipped with red or green LEDs mounted on plug base as default. After removal…  
Telecontrols: From multiplexers to telecontrol networks  
Telecontrol technology The very robust EES telecontrol technology is easy to handle, can simply be adapted to the respective tasks and is optimized for the respective transmission medium. Our line…  
Return delivery  
How to return a product If you would like to return a product to us for repair, please fill in the form below. You will then receive an e-mail, which you should attach to the shipment. The form…  
Building solutions  
Building Building technology offers a wide range of applications for EES products due to the multitude of tasks. From controlling of facade access systems for the transport of cleaning or…  
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