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Elektra-Elektronik GmbH und Co. Störcontroller KG

More than 40 years of signal experience

EES: Medium-sized company, manufacturer, solution provider

EES develops and produces future-orientated products for plant monitoring. Precisely tailored to requirements - both technically and economically. Customers around the world are enthusiastic about a product portfolio that is convenient to use and easy to commission. The same applies to highly flexible individual solutions and the competent support of a likeable expert with more than 40 years of experience.


3 reasons why we stand out

1 Solution and customer focus

One facility, one contact person, quite simply

As a medium-sized company and manufacturer with its own R&D and production department, our team is in direct contact with you. On the basis of standard components, we enter into your individual requests and thus offer the fitting solution for every requirement. Our pre-configured, intuitive and easy-to-use products will ease the monitoring of your plant. This close contact fosters our knowledge of future needs and is reflected in our innovative strength.

2 Broad and innovative scope of functionality and services

One for all: software, hardware, production

Our competence in software, hardware and production is generated by our own development of the devices at our headquarter. We also develop where others fail to offer you a variety of features that suit your requirements. With our robust and reliable products, which can be updated by software upgrades, among other things, you are well prepared for the future. We accompany you from A-Z, starting with consulting and project planning up to commissioning and after-sales support. We provide close and consistent support through our local consultants, cost-free hotline, service and training.


3 High economic efficiency

Today, tomorrow, every day. Reliable products for economical solutions

We offer economically fitting solutions through precise product development in line with requirements - without overloading the features. Efficient project handling enables fast parameterization and commissioning - without external technicians. No maintenance contract is required for our devices. Durability and reliability are the hallmarks of our high-performance products. Our devices are expandable and flexible in use. You can use your product knowledge for further requirements and thus work economically.



Solutions for Water Supply

Water is life. Therefore, this medium must be intensively monitored and protected. The products of EES are used here in many different ways, from simple condition monitoring of machines and plants to the control of elevated tanks. In addition, e.g. flow rates in transfer shafts are logged and pressures for creep-flow monitoring in piping systems with low-power systems are logged.


Solutions for Energy Supply

In the field of power generation, transmission and distribution, we feel home in the most diverse applications with fault annunciating and telecontrol technology. From monitoring of electrical switchgears in the HV, MV or LV segment to transmission of short-circuit information in the distribution network, we cover the tasks efficiently and flexibly.


Solutions for Traffic Engineering

Traffic flows guarantee individual mobility. The railway sector requires a large number of different systems in the area of the rail network and its ancillary areas to ensure reliable operation. Whether intertripping of substations of subways or metro stations, or the control of points heaters, load-break switches on railway lines - EES fault annunciating and telecontrol technology is successfully used in many areas.


Solutions for Wastewater Management

Precipitation is becoming increasingly intense in our latitudes. This means maximum work for the sewage network. In rain overflow basins, faults, as well as the time of accumulation and duration of the event, as well as tee-off quantities must be detected and logged. In addition, it is necessary to monitor and control pumps for malfunctions and operating times, as well as shut-off valves and backwater protection systems in the area of flood protection.


Solutions for Building Technology

Nowadays, buildings and industrial plants are equipped with complex technology that must be monitored and controlled. For this purpose, EES fault annunciating and telecontrol technology is used beyond conventional building technology, especially in the areas of heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology and for building maintenance. Our products are used worldwide in particular for the cleaning and maintenance of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

Our mission statement
The foundation for our success

Appreciation of our employees

Our employees are our greatest asset. Communication with them is crucial to our corporate culture. Communication and leadership styles are respectful, appreciative, familiar and motivating. Transparency, openness and goal-oriented leadership are the cornerstones of our corporate culture, which is why we trust our employees and assign them responsibility and decision-making competence.



Partnership with our customers

We see ourselves as part of the whole, this is why we stand by our customers as a partner right from the start when it comes to implementing effective fault annunciating and telecontrol concepts: from planning, implementation and commissioning to system maintenance. Together with our customers, we develop new solutions as a team in order to be prepared for the tasks ahead. In this way, market requirements are turned into tailor-made solutions that we drive forward to develop market-ready products. Hereby EES was able to regularly place innovative solutions on the market in the past.

Independence of a family business

For over 40 years, Elektra-Elektronik GmbH & Co. Störcontroller KG has stood for the monitoring of electrical systems, especially in the harsh environments of power generation and distribution in high- and medium-voltage switchgears. The fault alarm technology of the past has now developed into a complex, networked communication platform. As a medium-sized family business, we therefore use our degrees of freedom, look beyond our own horizons and thus create scope for entrepreneurial action - this is how our telecontrol technology was once developed. In addition, we successfully serve projects with customer-specific variants and special solutions, even if the standard is exceeded.

Rainer und Sascha Hahn
Management of EES

EES – we are into signals. We stand for customer orientation and satisfaction. Our backbone is our employees, who live this spirit with great commitment. We started with this credo in 1976, now it is stronger than ever.

Certificates for quality and environment

Responsibility is very important to EES and has a long tradition. The world consists of complex processes that visibly and invisibly determine our daily lives. We often and quite naturally only see and use the result of a process without paying attention to the many details that have led to it. Ultimately, the aim is to sustainably increase efficiency, avert hazards, improve the quality of life and work and protect the environment in the long term. Our quality standards cover our entire range of products and services from EES. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the applicable quality standards so that we can always provide you with perfect products without exception. When it comes to service, it is also our most important concern to support you competently and purposefully at all times with coordinated processes. In addition, the focus is always on environmental protection, social commitment, ethical behavior and sustainable improvements in the value chain. EES continues to live up to its responsibility and thus supports the sustainability of the company's success.




The birth of EES

Laying of the foundation stone of Elektra-Elektronik GmbH & Co. Störcontroller KG by R. Hahn in the Industriestraße in Backnang.



New annunciator series

The U3 series, the most successful 19" annunciator series, is launched on the market. With more than 1000 alarms, the U3 series was very powerful and suitable for large projects.



New headquarters under construction

We have built in the industrial area South in Backnang and move into our new headquarters with development, production and administration under one roof.




The first two-wire system from EES sees the light of day. The transmission of a few signals on any control line over a few kilometres was a milestone.




EES introduces the MFW-SMS fault annunciator, which establishes a new product family.



First BSM fault annunciator generation

The BSM family represents a major technological step for EES to grow nationally and internationally and to meet more complex requirements.



Inauguration of the extension building

Opening of the EES training centre in Backnang. In addition, the extension offers more space for new employees. EES is getting ready for the future.




WebRTU is introduced and rounds off our portfolio in the area of system monitoring / telecontrol technology.



40 years EES

We put our backs into it and present, among other things, the new WAP window fault annunciator on our birthday and participate in the Middle East Electricity in Dubai for the first time.



USM with IEC 61850

The 500th IEC 61850-capable fault annunciator is sold.



New website relaunch

The EES website is relaunched in its new design.