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Data protection

MFW Optical fibre

Point-to-point data transmission by optical fibre

EES telecontrol MFW optical fiber

This variant of the MFW modular telecontrol system was developed for data transmission on "singlemode" or "multimode" optical fibres. The telecontrol system always consists of 2 stations which transmit the respective data in point-to-point configuration. The use of optical fibres as transmission medium guarantees a robust, interference-free transmission over long distances, even in harsh, interference-contaminated environments.

In some cases, it is not the entire expandability of the system that is required, but a variant optimised for fast transmission. For such tasks (e.g., intertripping of railway substations), the MFW systems for the leased line and optical fibre transmission media have been optimised for the high transmission speed of a point-to-point connection. The parameterization of the system is carried out completely by DIP switches for easier handling.

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