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Indication modules LAB

Compact and versatile

EES LAB 2.0 Indication module

EES has been known for over 40 years as a manufacturer of reliable and innovative fault indication technology. The indication modules are the simplest form of fault annunciating technology.

EES is launching a new generation of the proven LAB series in 2023, where LAB is short for LED display module. The new generation turns the previously available variants upside down and concentrates them in one display module. Thereby the number of different sizes increases, which are now not only available in 8, 16 channels, but also in 24, 32, 40 and 48 signal inputs. There's only one variant per number of signal inputs, which greatly simplifies or optimizes the ordering process, stock-keeping and usability.

EES hereby offers the maximization of the classic indicator module with 96mm in height, available in 96mm width for 8 or 16 inputs, 192mm for 24 or 32 inputs and finally in 287mm width for 40 or 48 inputs. All features are on board as standard and can be customized in the simplest way. List prices have also been optimized for the new LAB 2.0 thanks to fully automated production.

EES also focused on energy consumption during development; in total, power consumption is only about 1 watt with 48 illuminated LEDs and activated signal relays.

The protection class of the device is now IP54 as standard, so that no further hood is required here to achieve a higher degree of protection.

LAB indication module LED

Changeable LEDS

Standard colours green and red are exchangeable with other coloured LEDs

The LED display is the distinctive feature of the display module. After unscrewing the front panel, these can be exchanged by the customer for LEDs of a different color. There are 6 colors (red, yellow, blue, green, orange and white) available, so the exchange of single LEDs or whole rows can be done quickly according to the application. The LED colors are colored via lightpipes and can be purchased as accessories.

Alarms can be easily switched to collective alarm via DIP switch.

Another new feature is that each LAB 2.0 contains a signal relay that can be used as a collective signal to further technology. Here it can be set group-wise whether an activation of the alarm is to take place on the collective signalling relay. Likewise an inversion of the relay can take place and also the alarm inputs can be switched over between working and closed circuit principle. The settings are made via a DIP switch.

Simplified mounting due to message wiring via plug-in screw terminals

The device is powered by a wide range power supply suitable for the voltage range between 24V - 230V AC and DC. The signal inputs are also activated via a wide range power supply, which is also between 24-230V AC and DC. Narrower signaling thresholds can also be obtained as an option on a customer-specific basis. Another new feature is that the signal wiring is done via plug-in screw terminals, which simplifies installation.


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