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MFW Radio

Modular radio telecontrol system

The MFW offers a wide range of transmission media for the transmission of e.g. digital and analogue values or states from measuring instruments which are coupled via field buses. A unique feature is the radio transmission over different frequency bands which are free of charge and registration free as well as radio subject to registration.

To secure the data communication an encryption is offered, which is converted by means of the AES algorithm. The symmetrical procedure using a dynamic "pre-shared key" is generated by the parameterization software and entered into the respective station. This makes it possible to implement BDEW Whitepaper-compliant telecontrol systems.


The radio systems are divided into the following types:

  • 70-cm-ISM-Band
  • 35-cm-ISM-Band
  • 70-cm-Time slot radio
  • 1:24-Data radio


The advantages of such communication are:

  • None or only little operating costs
  • Independency from providers and the degree of expansion of telecommunication nets
  • Setting up of own infrastructures


At a used transmit power of 10 mW in 70-cm-ISM-band and 500 mW in the 35-cm-ISM-band there is no need to register and the transmission is free of charge. Dependent on the topological conditions of the local area distances of more than 10 km are practicable. Before installing a radio transmission system, in principle, the radio trunk line should be judged regarding the local conditions. We would be pleased to support you. Please do not hesitate to consult our service team.

The radio telecontrol equipment of the following radio types must be registered and it is subject to a fee during operation.

  • 70-cm-band with transmit power > 10 mW
  • timeslot radio
  • 1:24 radio data transmission

The registration must be filed at the users local PTT regulatory authority for telecommunications.

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