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Useful information

Do you have questions about EES, our services and products? Here we will give you some pointers in handling our products and give you some answers to the most frequently asked questions sorted by topics.

About our service

Who is EES?

EES develops and produces future-orientated products for plant monitoring. Precisely tailored to requirements - both technically and economically. Customers around the world are enthusiastic about a product portfolio that is convenient to use and easy to commission. The same applies to highly flexible individual solutions and the competent support of a likeable expert with more than 40 years of experience.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about products and offers?

You will find our contact persons of the sales department under contacts Contacts.

Whom should I contact with technical questions after sales?

If you have any technical questions, our free of charge Service Hotline will be happy to help.

Where should I send my order?

Please send your orders  by e-mail to the order processing team using the e-mail address order[at]ees-online.de.

What are the general terms of payment and delivery?

You will find our general terms of payment and delivery in our GTC. For new customers we expect payment in advance, otherwise individual agreements may apply, which we will be happy to submit to you with an offer.

At what times is EES available?

Mon. - Thu. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Fri. 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

German Time (UTC +1)

What is the address of EES?

You can find us at the following address:

Elektra-Elektronik GmbH & Co. Störcontroller KG
Hummelbühl 7-7/1
71522 Backnang

Where can I find information on data protection?

How we handle your personal data you will find in our privacy policy. 

Is it possible to arrange a return shipment? What do I have to do?

For a return please use this form.

Where can I view/change my account data for the download area?

You can see andchange your data in the user account area, if you are logged in.

General questions about products

Where can I find data sheets and operation manuals or similar?

Information and material about our products can be found on the respective product page and in the download-area.

Where can I find the product designation?

The product designation can usually be found on the type sticker on the outside of the device.

Where can I find discontinued products and product modifications?

You will find information on discontinued products and product modifications in the product support section.

What are the mounting dimensions?

The mounting dimensions can be found in the respective data sheet or in the operation manual.

Questions about fault annunciating technology

What LED colours are available?

The colours red, amber, yellow, green, blue and white are available. The LED colours can be changed ex works if necessary, depending on the device, or set per channel using DIP switches or software. This function is device-dependent and is not available for every fault annunciator.

Where can I find the labeling patterns?

You will find the labeling patterns in the right column on the respective product page and in the download-area.

Questions about telecontrol technology

Are the connecting cables included with the ZS8A and Z16?

For the ZS8A, the connecting cables are included in delivery. For the ZS16 they must be purchased according to the degree of expansion.

Which transmission media are available for MFW?

In addition to conventional 2-wire, transmission on live lines, known as powerline and in addition optical fibre is also available. Free radio transmission can be carried out in the ISM radio bands. In addition, the chargeable time slot and 1:24 transmission are available. Alternatively, there is the possibility to transmit information via SMS at low cost.

How is the MFW telecontrol system designed?

In principle, a MFW telecontrol system consists of a master station and up to 31 substations. Each station consists of 1 basic module with a maximum of 15 expansion modules. The master maintains the complete process image of all substations and can therefore be used for diagnosis in case of an error.

Via which protocols is a connection to the control system possible?

The Modbus and Profibus protocols are available for communication with PLCs. A connection to the control system can be established via the standardized telecontrol protocols IEC 60870-5-101 or -104. If a coupling via the IEC protocol is not possible, the data can be transferred to the control system via the MFW-OPC server.