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Fault Annunciating Technology

The fault annunciating devices of EES stand for their reliability and the easy operation. Simple accessibility of DIP-switches as well as use of the web browser based parameterisation interface and a simple designation of alarms by slide-in strips support an easy commissioning. All indication and fault annunciating devices are available in different voltage levels for supply and signal voltages ranging from 24V DC to 230V AC/DC. A networkable fault reporting system is possible via Modbus, IEC 61850 or 60870-5-104/-101 communication interfaces.


Standard indication modules
and fault annunciator

Simple and compact fault annunciating technology

For simple indication or monitoring tasks the EES portfolio offers different standard fault annunciators for panel mounting to visualize operation or alarm conditions. Depending on the type first-up or new-value processing, NO or NC triggering, as well as the assignment to collective reports can be configured. The general alarm processing is otherwise fixed.

EES Indication module LAB

Indication Modules LAB

  • Minimized energy consumption of max. 1W
  • Easily interchangeable colors
  • Maximization from 8 and 16 to up to 48 signal inputs
  • Increased protection level IP54
  • Wide range 24 - 230 V AC/DC
SSM: EES-Störmeldetechnik

Standard Fault Annunciator SSM

  • Standardized fault alarm sequence
  • Fixed, predefined settings (SSM-C)
  • Parameterizable via DIP switch (SSM-A)
  • 1:1 alarm forwarding with relay module (SSM-R)
  • Combined operation/malfunction indicator (LSM-C)
BSM: EES-Störmeldetechnik

Basic Fault Annunciator BSM-C

  • 2nd generation available
  • Easy and flexible customizable for your application
  • Scalability up to 192 signal inputs

Fault annunciators with
extended functionality

Fault annunciating systems for complex requirements

Fault annunciators with enhanced functionality are predestined for the solution of complex reqiurements not only by the expandable design. In a cluster comprising of several cascaded fault annunciators larger plants or fields can be monitored. In opposite to the standard fault annunciators comprehensive manupilations of each channel can be carried out.

Fault annunciators with
protocol interfaces

Fault annunciating systems for networks

Fault annunciating devices with standardized protocol provide on the one hand the serial or networkable acquiring of plant conditions and the corresponding display of the resprective signal input, as well as the forwarding of parallel to in- or output messages to superior systems. From SCADA Systems even single or double commands can be carried out via relays triggered by protocol telegrams. The systems of this group present as an I/O device the ideal form of a "ragman".

Fault annunciators for
other installation forms

Devices offer different functionalities

Fault annunciating systems for DIN rail get primarily used at supervision tasks with a few I/O’s. The devices offer different functionalities – from pure operation indication up to alarm processing with first-up or new value formation up to alerting systems, triggering SMS or fax dispatch over dial-up networks.